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  • The Director will have full overview of activities in the organization, even if not present. A single click will allow insights into two critically important areas of business; access to the work performance of each individual, as well as the quality of inter-working relationships with other colleagues.
  • Assessment and automatic calculation of stimulative elemnet of the salary; which is calculated based on the achievement gaged on their working performance and their capability to maintain the quality of inter-relations.
  • You will get a complete record of the contributions of each employee over the entire period employment and thereby gain a powerful tool for achieving correctness of employment. This record is best as supporting material for any additional rewarding, training, promotion, transfer, or even removal from the workplace.
  • You will get a comprehensive solution to improve the atmosphere and drive towards higher efficiency; the fact is that people perform better when they are being evaluated.
  • With a monthly analysis of data, you will have a detailed overview of performance of each employee, as well as the effectiveness of individual managers and departments.
  • You will be able to detect and eliminate problems before they escalate. The analysis allows you to control and balance irregularities of working relations, and therefore to reduce the risk of fluctuations, which generally happen among senior and highly qualified employees.

Additional advantages:

  • All individual records of employees, and therefore all important events for business, will be collected in one place. The records are kept over the entire period of employment of each individual.
  • Assessments are objective and reduce the possibility of victimization and mobbing in the workplace.
  • Evaluation and reward occur automatically.
  • All employees are assessed based on their contributions, professional and helpful behaviour bears a direct impact on their assessments and rewarding, as well as having an influence on their colleagues and managers’ evaluations.
  • You will get a comprehensive solution to improve the atmosphere and drive towards higher efficiency; the fact is that people perform better when they are being evaluated. Since nobody wants to be last, they keep improving their efficiency and you, as a company, can achieve these results without additional training.
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With the introduction of HRMreview into the organization,
which measures and promotes higher performance,
we can demonstrate a saving of 3.000-5.000 EUR
per month for a company with approximaltey
50 employees.
If within three to six months
you will not achieve the projected savings
we will be filed for the use of resources
restore the program!

SEP, Mokronog (Slovenia)
The program has already celebrated its first "birthday"
in a manufacturing company, SEP, located at Mokronog,
Slovenia. This was the first installation of HRMreview.
According to the Director, Edmund Pal, the program has
fulfilledits expectations on such a level, that they will extend
evaluations and consecutively benefit payments across the
whole company (including production).
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The application HRM Review at the
II. International Exhibition of Inventions
in May 2010 received a
The application HRM Review was
also nominated for the
innovation of the year at the
Slovenian Forum of Innovation!